Dust Storm Warning

by DSW

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Héctor Hurtado Grooscors
Héctor Hurtado Grooscors thumbnail
Héctor Hurtado Grooscors Nice stoner/desert rock. They play some cool heavy riffs that are fuzzy as hell! Favorite track: Lonely Coyote.
PuddleMonkey thumbnail
PuddleMonkey While I might be two years too late to the party it's never too late to appreciate a well put together album. Highly recommended for fans of the desert rock sound. Favorite track: Trippin the Drill.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ These hard riffing Italian stoners deliver the goods with good tunes and great playing. Favorite track: Lonely Coyote.
Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison thumbnail
Harry Harrison Enjoy these guys immensely. Dropped down rocking tracks that you just can’t beat. Hard to place one track as my favourite but two standouts for me are the rocking ‘Outrun’ and the epic ‘Lonely Coyote’. All in all, excellent desert rock. Favorite track: Lonely Coyote.
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CD AVAILABLE ALSO ON www.shinybeast.nl/item/428779/dsw_dust_storm_warning.html

"The band, who release the album with gorgeous psychedelic gatefold digipak artwork on Acid Cosmonaut Records, set up a surprising variety as the 11 tracks on the record play out, staying well within the realm of Kyuss-inspired desert rock, but offering three instrumental jams to break up any monotony that might crop up from the surrounding straightforwardness."

"They play classic stoner-desert rock variably mixed with retro prog/psychedelic and space metal as well as grunge greatly indebted to a list of bands that the quartet don’t try to hide, so big is their love for the Masters. And, well, deep passion added to technics is what makes Dust Storm Warning a truly enjoyable experience, a trip into sounds that many of us dig, as well as an almost one hour-long escape into a relieving imaginary desert landscapes."

"As far as I've been able to tell, DSW aren't providing anything more in depth as to the meaning or story behind those three letters, so we don't know if it's interesting, purposeful, or just plain narcissistic. It doesn't really matter, though, because what matters, of course, is the music, and the music on "Dust Storm Warning" is quality stoner rock, music of the highest quality, a sound that will remain with you quite likely for life, as the best albums always do."

"The newest DSW album, Dust Storm Warning can’t come more highly suggested. This Italian band would surprise you with their sound. You’d think they originated from Southern California. Their desert and stoner rock blend of hard rock is not only satisfying to the ears, it’s the type of music destined to get you laid by this planets finest women."

"The song titles refer to dunes, coyotes and spaceships and what you hear sounds exactly as you're expecting as you read this. All this should come off as some sort of crass retro affectation, and maybe it does occasionally, but they execute it so well that the blast they are having comes across impressively."

"Within DSW's fully developed songs are many hints and glimpses of psychedelic leanings as the band is not afraid to play with form and structure recalling some of the more adventurous moments of Kyuss that formed the very basis of the desert rock sound."

"So why exactly do I love this album? Well a few reasons to be honest, but primarily because it's sounds like Red Fang playing Nebula's Let It Burn album. An oh so sweet mix southern rock elements like gritty vocals and unforgiving riffs merged with that classic desert rock ethos, conjuring up images of dirty, hairy rockers playing dark and grimy bars along a dusty deep south highway."

"The Band has matured and the production on this LP is top notch as well. Excellent song writing on the new material make this one a must have and the Band will probably find themselves on a few year end lists..."

"Wolf's addition in vocals was a successful step since he has a powerful, bassy voice which gives to DSW a lot of extra points. I don't know about you but as far as I'm concerned this is one of the best stoner rock albums for this year. Don't pass it by!"

"The production is immense. Play this album loud to get the full desired effect. A brilliant album by a great band to keep an eye out for. Simply Unmissable."

"This time around though the sound is richer, more diverse and there is room for some slow psychedelic maneuvering. And especially during those slower grooves, which emit that sandy heat that warms the cold winter bones, does their ability become apparent."

"Dsw's Dust Storm Warning an album that will impressed the newcomers of stoner rock and satisfied the veterans and collectors."

"Whatever mysterious moniker hides behind those initials, though, there’s no guessing at the fat stoner grooves DSW throw your way, or that Dust Storm Warning is most certainly meant to herald the coming of a new Red Age. Marked by equally devastating doses of desert rock, cosmic fuzz, and heavy psych..."

"The band grabs their influences from the likes of ACRIMONY, KYUSS, SABBATH, ZEPPELIN, MONSTER MAGNET, TOOL, and a handful of others. The band’s debut LP ‘Dust Storm Warning’ was just released on May 25, 2012 – and features 11 jams full of dirty, distorted desert metal whipped-up in a whirlwind of fuzzy, sludgy, psych-rock."

"Dust Storm Warning is a pretty damn cool psychedelic stoner rock band from Italy. A four piece with bass, drums, guitar and vocals. Wolf has a pretty deep gruff voice but I really like his vocal delivery and feeling. The sound is dirty, heavy, raw stoner rock riffing with a mix of short and longer tracks."


released May 25, 2012

Music & Lyrics by DSW
Recorded & Mixed by Paolo Del Vitto @ Laboratori Musicali (Surbo, LE) laboratorimusicali.it
Mastering by Carl Saff saffmastering.com
Artwork by Stefano Leone www.flickr.com/photos/nargioman/




Acid Cosmonaut Records Italy

Oh, we got both kinds. We got stoner and psych.

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Track Name: Outrun
A picture runs
An explosion bursts my head
The road brings to the sky valley

My body does not worry me anymore
but the inside growing roots still do
The road flows through my tires

Drop by drop
Sweat is falling on my head
driving me crazy

Whirling fangs through hide
are turning red the moon
he's hanging from the roots
or maybe I am

Drop by drop
his blood is falling on my head
driving me crazy

He is the earth

Drop by drop
the earth is falling on my earth
driving me crazy
Track Name: Space Cubeship
Hundreds of tons of forged metal
engine's fire is burning the skies

On the edge of space, leaving this stone
on board of my cube, I'm leaving this world

A couple of seconds and I fly through sound
a huge box of metal is leaving the ground

On the edge of space, leaving this stone
on board of my cube, I'm leaving this world

I'm not looking down
I won't greet anybody
I'm finally crossing the bound
Track Name: 666.1.333
have you ever seen
The holy highlands of the apes
years and miles far away

they farm the evergrowing seeds
beware of mortals reach
it's the finest sweet

beyond this reign
the black lord still awaits
for the fires to be lit

the right time to come

So the apes lights the brazier
spreading around white dense smoke
inside the cloud he stands

beyond his reign
The black lord comes to sit
and breathe long and deep

Laid down, his mind has wipped away
stop caring about his world
to get high

demons stop their tortures
a second of rest for damned slaves
without a king to rule them all

warm feast at lucifer's hall
but the lord appears on his throne
his wrath is back
Track Name: Lonely Coyote
I sit in sand maybe today will end again
Dry orange lands red mountains in the end my home
There are times I prowl and times I stare alone

And all repeats again

There are times I prowl and times I stare alone

And all repeats again

I look at you as myself
I'm you, your self
your world

Hear my voice
nothing is true
nothing is true

Master of the desert
Peace of mind
Track Name: Monkey Woman
Monkey woman you live in your lies
you're a monkey woman and play for not being played
monkey woman, you cry to let the others cry
you're a monkey woman, you say you love to lay out
monkey woman you'll cry

I wanted to believe in you
I thought you were different
I was believing in you and I did wrong
I payed and now give me back my life
give me back everything you took from me
Monkey woman jump on another branch
monkey woman I know who you are
monkey woman I'm not going to be a branch anymore
Track Name: Trippin the Drill
Mind not the sun mind not the wind
the answer is under your feet

Buy your own rig drill and crash the ground
beneath the skin of the earth
there's everything you need

God's machine is the core
and you want it

Deep down in the veins
of the great circle
just another spiral
for the cabin of the earth

God's machine is the core
and you want it

Loki is watching you from beneath
and the stream of life blows from the big stone
as the army of the sixth dimension slowly proceeds
Track Name: Rise
Dreams of creation stand before me,
it grows like a rainbow in space.
Ancient dark materia is falling to become,
as I wait for him to arrive.

My next mountain will be the holy bed,
while the desert slowly shapes

Rays of ice and fire
The air burns for his arrival

Big mountain from the sky
Awakes the sleeping volcano
Lava rivers from my cliffs
Track Name: Requiem
Desert eats the ground
water flies away
the air has grown warm
suns are too near

Huge cities
pride of our faith
fallen for their arrogance

Slaves of our trust
we deceived to rule the planet
not feeling the death arriving

We left our dying home
at the mercy of our end

I saw a part of me die with him

I open my eyes
as I recall thousand years
and again nothing changes
and again nothing changes